CVV-S PVC/PVC Screen Control Cable

  • Voltage:0.6/1kv
  • Core:2-30
  • Size: 0.75-50mm2
  • Conductor: Copper
  • Insulation: PVC/PE
  • Armoured: Non
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CVV-S PVC/PVC Screen Control Cable
No. of core Nominal cross-sectional area No.& dia. of wires Thickness of insulation Thickness of sheath Overall diameter (Approx.) Cable weight  Standard Length
7 mm2 No./mm mm mm mm 275 m
0.5 7/0.30 0.8 1 15.5 315 500/D
0.75 7/0.37 0.8 1 16 330 500/D
1 7/0.40 0.8 1 16.5 395 500/D
1.5 7/0.50 0.8 1 17.5 520 500/D
2.5 7/0.67 0.8 1 19 730 500/D
4 7/0.85 1 1 22 930 500/D


 Concentric Stranded copper wire
Core: 2-15 cores
Insulation: PVC Black color
Identification: Printed White number on the surface of Black insulation
Filler: Suitable filler
Binding tape: Suitable tape
Inner sheath: PVC Black color
Shield: Annealed copper tape
Binding tape: Suitable tape
Outer Sheath: PVC Black color
Application: For supervisory electrical equipment, station control circuits, outdoor, suitable installation in dry or wet cable trenches.

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