A triple commitment to the cus

Global expertise

With over a century of experience behind it, Huadong provides complete expertise in cables and cabling systems, from original conception and design of both products and solutions to manufacturing and installation and ultimate recycling.

Our presence worldwide assures high availability for a broad range of energy and telecom cables, in addition to all accessories and complete systems.

As a cable supplier serving diverse markets, Huadong has developed best-of-class solutions for every continent, and pioneered national and international standards.

Local presence

Huadong has installed plants, facilities and offices around the world to support its customers' international activities. Understanding the local supply chain and culture allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to support production.

We keep close to the customer by working side-by-side with them to meet requirements, solve specific problems, and adapt proven technology to their own special needs.

We also offer capabilities in terms of design, implementation and maintenance, and assume total responsibility for complete cable networks and turnkey installations.



Because innovation is one of the prime drivers of long-term productivity, Huadong has built a strong R&D network to meet customer expectations.

We have proven our ability to develop new designs and materials to improve efficiency, prolong product life, and ensure reliability and safety. Technical value-creation begins far upstream both in pure research and in practical problem-solving for specific industries, like offshore oil & gas, aerospace or power utilities.

Downstream, it includes the organized retrieval of scrap and obsolete cables, and the efficient recycling of both copper and plastics.

Huadong Group is a hi-tech, engineering group.specialized in the research,development & production of armoured power cable for overhead electrical power transmission & distributions.mainly products 25mm armoured cable,35mm swa cable cable,ABC Cable, 16mm 3 core swa cable, 11kv xlpe cable etc.
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