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Worldwide leading expert in the cable industry

With energy as the basis of its development, Huadong is a global player in the infrastructure, industry, building and Local Area Network (LAN) markets.


Huadong provides complete cables and cabling solutions for power production, transmission and distribution. New technologies significantly increase   capacity and reduce the danger of blackouts.
To reinforce rail safety and efficiency, we have products especially designed tor the demanding railroad environment. And to meet diverse needs of incumbent and new telecom operators, Huadong has customized solutions aimed at lowering capital expenditure and operating costs.  For the world’s busy airports, we offer cables and cabling systems for energy and communication networks, terminals, baggage handling systems, runway lights, control towers, etc.



Huadong offers a complete portfolio of cables and solutions for market segments as diverse as the automotive, rolling stock and aerospace industries, shipbuilding, nuclear power, oil & gas and petrochemicals, material handling and automation. As a worldwide leader in the cable industry, it offers an extensive range of cables and cabling systems to raise industrial productivity, improve business performance, enhance security, enrich the quality of life, and assure long-term network reliability.

We add value through advanced technologies and durable high-performance products.



Huadong supplies cables and network solutions for structures of all types: from small residences to public and office buildings and big industrial complexes.

Huadong pioneered fire-performance cables for public safety, created industrial Ethernet solutions to unite the office and the factory floor platform, and ensured easy recyclability.

From standard products to renewable energy solutions, these products contribute to the sustainable buildings of the future. 

Huadong Group is a hi-tech, engineering group.specialized in the research,development & production of armoured power cable for overhead electrical power transmission & distributions.mainly products 25mm armoured cable,35mm swa cable cable,ABC Cable, 16mm 3 core swa cable, 11kv xlpe cable etc.
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