NSHTOEU-J/O Drum Reeling Festoon PUR Crane Rubber Cable

  • Voltage: 300/500V; 450/750V; 0.6/1kv
  • Types: H07VVH6-F, YFFB, HT-PNCT; HT-PNCT-R;HT-PNCT-F,etc. other types can be produced according to client’s.
  • Conductor: Class 5 Copper/Tinned Copper
  • Insulation: Rubber/EPR
  • International Standard: VDE0482,part 265-2-1 resp.EN50265-2-1 and IEC603321

Crane Cable Product Range

Crane Cable Product Application Overview
YSLTOE cable Spreader cable for gravity-fed collector buckets
NSHTOU cable Drum winding cable
(N)SHTOU cable Drum winding cable with increased tensile strength
(N)SHTOU PUR cable Drum winding cable with Polyurethane sheathing
(N)GRDGOU cable Festoon cable
PUR-HF Festoon cable Festoon cables including EMC protected cables

Application: the crane cable is a term used to cover a range of specialist cables powering and controlling cranes, hoists, festoons, conveyors and gantries. Used across heavy industry including mining and marine, they must be robust and capable of handling both torsional and tensile stresses simultaneously.

Recommended common cables for large machinery

PUR-HF Low Voltage Chain Festoon Cable

Voltage Rating (Uo/U): 0.6/1kV
Conductor: Class 5 flexible tinned copper
Insulation: HF (Halogen Free) compound based on polyester
Outer Sheath:
PUR HFFR (Polyurethane – Halogen Free, Flame Retardant)
Temperature Rating:
Fixed installation: -50°C to +80°C
Mobile operation: -40°C to +80°C
Cores: 3,4,5
Section aera: 1.5mm2-185mm2
Application: For use as energy and control cable in festoon systems and as a chain cable. Also suitable as drum reeling cable under moderate mechanical stresses, torsion, tension and torque.

PUR Spreader LV Reeling Cable

Voltage Rating (Uo/U): 0.6/1kV
Conductor: Class 5 flexible tinned copper
Insulation: Halogen free compound based on polyester
Lay Up: Central Aramid strength member, cores in concentric layers
Inner and Outer Sheath: PUR-HF (Halogen Free, flame retardant Polyurethane)
Braiding: Anti-twisting element – Aramid yarns braiding
Sheath Colour: Black, Yellow or Orange.
Reeling Application: Up to 240m/min horiz. / Up to 180m/min vertica
Application: Vertical reeling cable under high mechanical stresses, torsion, tension and torque. Mainly used for spreader reeling applications. Strength member to increase tensile load, acceleration and speed

Medium Voltage Material Handling Equipment (N)TSCGEWÖU Cable

Voltage Rating (Uo/U):
3.6/6kV; 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV.
Phase/Earth Conductor:
Class 5 flexible tinned copper/Copper
Insulation: Rubber compound
Inner Sheath: Rubber compound
Section area: 25-185mm2
Cores: 3+3
Maximum Short Circuit Temperature: 250°C
Mobile Condition: +25°C to + 80°C
Static Condition: +40°C to + 80°C
Application: Flexible cable for fixed distribution lines in mines and alongside material handling equipment. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

The diagram of crane cable application

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