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PIETFE/FEP/PFA Teflon High-temperature Wire

Application: This insulated wire and cable caters for the use of electrical appliance working in the environment of high temperature, such as the cooker, air conditioner, oven, furnace, aviation device, military equipment, ocean ship, lighting, transformer, etc.

PI Teflon High-temp Wire

Rated Voltage: 600V
Test Voltage: 2000V
Cores:1-19 cores
Conductor: Silver/Nickel plated copper
Insulation: Polyimide
Temperature:  -60’C ~+550C,
Color: White-Blue-Red-Black-Brown-Yellow-Green-Transpanrent-Yellow/Green.
Standard: iec/astm etc
Packaging: Iron or wooden drum
Applications: Various electric machinery, electronic ceramics, heating parts, car lighting, ballast etc.

ETFE/FEP/PFA High-temp Wire

Voltage: 600V
Conductor: Tinned Copper/Silver,
Cores: single or multi-core, 16-4/0 AWG PEP wire
Insulated: PFA Teflon/FEP/ETFE
Temperature Ratting: 130~150℃,180~200℃, 230~260℃
Braid: Tinned Copper Wire
Jacket: FEP
Standards: VDE0250 etc.
Color: White,Black,Red,Brown,Yellow,Blue, Green etc.
Application: They are the same with the temperature connect wires for headlamp, Home application Industrial machine, electrothermal products.
Note: we accept the customer’s OEM requirements for any wire and cable.


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