high temperature cable

Teflon Coated High-temp Wire

Teflon coated wire

High Temperature Teflon Coated Wire

High temperature cable is designed to operate in environments with extreme temperatures. Huadong Cable offers high performance high temp cables for your choice.


homed appliances, lighting lamps (cold light sources), small motors, temperature sensors, electromagnetic coils, automotive interior wiring, electronic appliances, etc.


Resistant to high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, oil, acid, alkali, oxidation, excellent electrical insulation, high voltage resistance, low high-frequency loss, moisture-proof, high insulation resistance, excellent flame retardancy, aging resistance, and long service life.


  • IEC
  • UL
  • ASTM


high temperature cable

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Tinned, silver, or nickel copper

PTFE Teflon/ FEP Teflon / PFA Teflon

This FEP, PFA Teflon, or PTFE insulated wire and cable is configured with the bare copper, tinned annealed, silver wire serving as the conductor.

Therein, the tinned copper is the copper strand made of a highly pure copper rod, with the tin coated on bare copper. The tin coating is about 7 or 8μm thick.

In addition, the nickel coated copper wire varies in two types: the common nickel coating with 3% thickness used at 200ºC and the electric plating layer with 27% thickness working at 450ºC.

product testing in Huadong

Our conductor is made according to the class 5 IEC standard. It is featured by preeminent flexibility and conductive performance, obeying the rules on protecting the environment.

With strict quality control, our insulated wire and cable employ optimal insulation materials, like FEP, PTFE, and PFA Teflon.

It has outstanding performance in resisting high temperature, corrosion, chemical liquid, acid, and alkali.

Our product also offers excellent thermal stability, suitable for working at 200ºC continuously.
Due to the extruded FEP insulation layer with thin or heavy walls, the product is space saving and light in weight.

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